Smart Band

Smart Band

Wearing these custom smartbands and smart watches on your wrist could mean no longer need a smartphone. Respond to messages and answer calls on the go, which is especially useful during workouts. The ECG smart band has a procedure to monitor heart activity and test for any abnormalities. These wearable devices are comfortable to wear even when running, cycling and swimming.

 As a leading fitness band manufacturer in China, Joint Chinese Ltd. has won the trust of customers all over the world with its professional one-stop design and manufacturing solutions for smart fitness bands.

Custom Smart Fitness Band

Custom firmware

The content of the screen display can be customized, including the start-up screen and various icons, such as logos.

PCB Design and Production

With strong R&D team of over 70 engineers in factory, we can design the size, shape, sensor and power supply on the PCB circuit board according to different product functions.

Smart bracelet custom APP

Customizable interface language, name, logo and icon to help you publish your app on IOS and Android app stores.

Function development

The functions of the custom smart fitness band can be developed according to your requirements, such as special communication protocols based on bluetooth, special sensors, data display, etc.

Final product assembly

We can produce and assemble components for smart hardware under strict quality control.

Product ordering process

1. Contact us

Contact us via a form. Include as much information as possible, such as product model, quantity, etc.

2. Sample Shipping

We will ship after you pay for samples and shipping. Worldwide shipping is limited except in certain countries.

3. Sample confirmation

Please test samples and decide whether to order in bulk.

This smart wristband fitness tracker can be printed with a company name, logo or message. As a professional smart band supplier, we provide in house smart band fitness tracker solution from ideas to real products and fit your budget. To discuss your specific requirements, please contact us

If you send an email, please provide the following information to expedite processing: your company name and contact information, logo, order quantity, lead time and specific needs.

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