ECG+PPG Blood Pressure Monitor

Model: J1790
Double Detection based ECG & PPG, More Accurate for Medical Reference

Wrist-based Device that real can help on monitor Cardiac Care
Firmware Customization & SDK Support
Original Sensor Signal Support for  Atrial Fibrillation
Real time ECG, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate Monitor

ECG Smart Band

A smart bracelet to accompany you
It's like a friend who has known you for many years
Always care for you
To meet each other, and like it for a long time.
Textured, durable, healthy, it's indispensable

Medical Level ECG + PPG heart rate sensor

Combined AI algorithm for ECG+PPG

Professional Report for ECG, HRV, Stress, Blood Pressure
Precautions for Potential Heart Cardiac Disease
such as arrhythmia, tachycardia, slow heartbeat, pulse pause, pulse miss and Ventricular premature beat

Electrode type/Heart Rate/ECG

Real-time electrocardiogram graphic Can be Shown on the App when Bluetooth is connected and support
ECG playback for doctor future reference. Also full ECG report can be exported to send to doctor online.

Real-time Blood Pressure, HRV & Stress Tracking

Auto Monitor Your Heart Rate All Day Long

SOS Function

When connect to the APP , the band can send alert message for immediate help

Heart Rate Monitoring When Exercise

The bracelet can monitor your real time heart rate 7×24hours
You can check the heart rate changes and zone everyday by APP
Smart Alert for Abnormal Heart Rate

Activity Heart Rate Training Zone for Professional Training Guidance

5 Heart Rate Zone

Breath Training

Relax Yourself, Recover Your Body

Multi-sport Mode

Make Your Sport More Fun, Choose the Best Mode to challenge More

Sleep Monitor

Special Patent Sleep Algorithm automatically monitor the sleep quality including sleep phase, sleep time, sleep heart rate, help you better understand the your sleep and give sleep report and tips.

Smart Reminder

No More Miss the Important People or Things in Your Life!

IP67 Waterproof

Support Swimming, shower and all kinds of waterproof

Check the health data by APP

Daily data / Heart Rate / Blood Pressure / Stress /HRV / ECG

USB Charger

More stable and more convenient by use USB charger

Product Picture

ECG smart band has a procedure to monitor heart activity and test for any abnormalities. The good thing about this ecg smart bracelet is that you can get the ECG data at any time. Also, you can send the data to your doctor without ending in hospital.

Who needs an ECG smart band?

Electrocardiograms on wearables are valuable to everyone. Whether it's exercise or health management for young people, or heart health monitoring for users over the age of 50, having a tool on hand that captures health data in real-time is very useful.

How does the smartband ecg ppg work?

There are optical heart rate monitors inside the wearables. This is a monitor that uses blinking LEDs to penetrate the skin and detect blood flow. When light bounces off the bloodstream, it is captured by the sensor. When the wearer places a finger on the display or crown, it starts taking readings. It takes about 30 seconds to complete the ECG. The data is sent to a mobile application where it can be accessed, saved and presented to the doctor. It can detect atrial fibrillation, tachycardia, and bradycardia.

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