How J-Style Wearables Support IoMT Preventive Healthcare

With social and economic development, people's living standards are improving day by day, and people's attention to their own health status is also increasing day by day. In addition to the Covid-19 that has had a profound impact on the world in the past two years, the monitoring needs for common chronic diseases and human sub-health status have also led people to pursue simpler and more personal monitoring device.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) solutions and wearables are one of the most popular trends in telemedicine services. Enabling clinicians to monitor patients anywhere, IoMT can be used for modern smart beds, inhalers, ECG, and EKG monitors that exchange information with telemedicine apps through an internet connection.

These possibilities increase the patients’ mobility, reduce offline healthcare facility loads, and allow clinicians to monitor their patients efficiently. IoMTs and wearables can also remind patients of their medications, vitals, and other pre-set alerts/reminders.

With the introduction of J-Style wearable devices, doctors can monitor a patient's heart rate, ECG, Blood glucose trend, SPO2, Sleep, Calorie count, and other vital signs. This information can help doctors better manage patients' health and safety. It can also help doctors monitor the compliance of medications with treatment plans. J-style Wearable can instantly store the data of patients on medical records and online databases. These devices can help health organizations collaborate remotely to simplify and improve all healthcare processes.

A Glance of J-Style IoMT Healthcare Monitoring ECO System

How J-Style Wearables Support IoMT Preventive Healthcare

J-style is bringing smart health wearable devices into the market. The products connect to gateways/apps through Bluetooth/WIFI/4G, etc., and directly transmit daily monitoring data to the cloud platform. When abnormal health data is detected in the background, you and your family/doctor will be notified in time.

How J-Style Wearables Support IoMT Preventive Healthcare

Consider a patient with diabetes. Historically, the patient would get glucose and A1C levels measured every 90 days or so during doctor visits. Fluctuations caused by recent behavior (such as eating ice cream) could create a false understanding of their overall health condition and habits.

With the J-Style wearable device, diabetes patients can easily share their daily glucose trends with their doctors, providing a complete and accurate picture. Doctors can then better recommend changes to diet, habits, exercise, and treatments.

IoMT is a category in dramatic flux, and wearable devices are poised to considerably alter the landscape of healthcare. Imagine a future where consumers can opt into using wearable devices that track their vital signs 24/7, alerting healthcare providers if something goes wrong. Better yet, these devices may evolve to be predictive in nature, using AI and machine learning technologies to determine when slight changes in biological signals indicate the potential for a future problem. Over time, and as IoMT technologies become more advanced, physicians will be able to slowly shift focus from the prescriptive to the preventive, potentially allowing patients to live longer healthier lives. Insurers may even lower premiums for consumers who opt in to real-time monitoring.

J-Style aims to become a leading company in the smart health, wellness, and medical field and devotes to bringing more vital sensors to support preventive healthcare. 


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