24H Real Time Heart Rate Monitoring

· Record heart rate in 24 hours Continuously · Six heart rate training zones can be monitored

24H Real Time Heart Rate Monitoring <br>

Pay Attention to Vascular Occlusion

Detect 6 grade of Blood Tube Block health indicators, to let you know your health condition well. · Stiffness 1 – As baby blood tube health · Stiffness 2 – 3, Health adult blood tube in between 35 ~ 65 years old age · Stiffness 4 – 5, Recommendation carry further check by Doctor in hospital · Stiffness 6 – Very dangerous stiffness, should go to hospital immediately for detail check and treatment

Pay Attention to Vascular Occlusion<br>

HRV Report Supported

HRV index reflects the health condition, also help find the correct exercise way to keep health.

HRV Report Supported<br>

Pressure and Fatigue Index Indication

Test mental pressure index, index of fatigue, multiple physical and mental health indicator.

Pressure and Fatigue Index Indication<br>

All-day Activity Tracking

Record all-day activity like steps, distance, calories, activity time and daily goal progress on the device,also Sync everyday data to App to help maintain the good exercise habit.

All-day Activity Tracking<br>

Phone Notification

Incoming call, Facebook, Twitter and other intelligent reminder

Phone Notification <br>

Auto Sleep Tracking

It will monitor your sleep automatically.

Auto Sleep Tracking<br>

More Features

More Features

Colorful Bracelet

Colorful Bracelet

App New Features Interface

App New Features Interface


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