How To Choose A Smart Band?

As we all know, the things we wear are getting smarter and smarter, such as smart bands and smartwatches. Walking on the street, we can see many young people wearing smart bands. How to choose from the wide range of smart bands on the market? Let's talk about it!

Smart bands are now arguably the favorite of many people. The main thing is that it has many functions. So what exactly are the functions of a smart band? Please read on!

What are the functions of the smart band?

1. Display notification, phone answering

A smart band or smartwatch can alert you by shaking when you receive a text message or an incoming call. This feature is very useful because it greatly reduces the chance of missing a call or text message.

2. NFC or Alipay offline payment

With the development of payment technology, smart bands are becoming more and more powerful. Many smart bands support NFC function. Alipay offline payment can also be realized.

Smart Band

Smart Band

3. Alarm clock function

If you have the need to record sleep, the alarm clock function is very useful. His way of waking up is not as simple and rough as the traditional alarm clock but uses vibration to not disturb others.

4. Motion detection

The main function or even the only function of the early smart band is motion monitoring, which is now one of the most basic functions of a smart band.

It usually includes a pedometer, movement distance, movement tracking, etc. Another one is to calculate the calories consumed based on the exercise data. In addition, some will add sports pulse, heart rate, and other functions, monitoring methods are mostly used in the industry commonly used photoelectric measurement, but this measurement is susceptible to external interference, if you have special needs in this regard, we recommend that you buy a professional heart rate band.

Smart Band

Smart Band

5. Sleep record

Many people like this function, probably because young people are used to staying up late, so pay more attention to the quality of sleep. This function can accurately detect falling asleep and waking up, and some products can also be accurate for deep sleep.

How to choose the right smart band for you?

1. Material

Whether the band is smart or not, the first thing to consider is the material. The band materials currently on the market are soft PVC, polyurethane TPU or PU, silicone, and metal, regardless of which material, first determine whether the allergy and then start.

2. Comfort

Whether it is light or comfortable. The band should not be too heavy, and it is best to use a breathable band. If these two characteristics are not met, then the band is not an assistant to our life but will become a burden.

Smart Band

Smart Band

3. Accurate data

Whether the sports health data is accurate. Use the vibrator and gyroscope to calculate the daily movement data, if the data reflected by the APP and the daily data can not be maintained at more than 90%, the band will lose its purchase value.

4. Convenience

Whether data synchronization is fast and convenient. Smart band synchronization data must respond quickly, and such a band is dispensable if it does not have low-power Bluetooth 4.0 transmission capability, or other fast data transmission capabilities.


With the popularity of smart bands, there are a variety of styles, and we have to choose according to our preferences. Choose the one you like and wear it is a happy thing!

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